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Are you looking for a specific someone and hit a dead end? I have several research resources that are not accessible to the general public and can use these resources to search for your someone.

Although nobody can ever realistically give you a “guarantee” that they can find  your person, unless it’s my Wisconsin Adoptee Finder guarantee, but for all other states, I can give you a “guarantee” that I will certainly exhaust all my options before I ever give up!

Be wise when choosing a “search agent” to conduct  search. There are many out there that claim they are more than what they actually are and there are the companies that expect you to “break the bank”.

I am not a licensed “private detective” and don’t want to give you that impression, but I am a seasoned 20+ years experienced researcher that has a reputable and positive research outcome history.  I pride myself on going above and beyond to help you. When in doubt-Check me out!

Please visit me on m personal facebook page and feel free to ask my many friends about me, about my research and reunion skills and more importantly how I will never sugar coat anything, I will not be unfair or dishonest with you and I will always keep you up to date on the search progress.


Genealogy/Famiy Tree Building

Whether your adopted or not, the first step in every search case is getting the history timeline in place, building your family tree and documenting events. This is your reference point where you will add more and more factual information to your “story”.

Genealogy research is rich with historical facts that will aid in digging up your roots and will also be helpful with other family members in your bloodline. I strongly recommend for this task. Once you upload your genealogical information, you will immediately connect to thousands of other people around the globe that somehow connect to your tree and may have answers you are seeking to fill the gaps in  your own family history. They are also my first choice in DNA testing and connecting.

If you don’t have an ancestry membership or unsure how to utilize all the tools they offer, you can choose to  Donate to me,  and I will build your tree for you and  deliver it to you in hard copy form of a DVD  and/or a Family Album when complete. I will also give you access as an “Editor” to your tree to enter your own information, photos and other documentation.

If you are in fact adopted, I strongly suggest to order the DNA test they offer and connect it to your tree.  Mirror matching can then be done to your closest DNA matches to search for biological family members.

DNA results Mirror matching

My client Joyce Wild did DNA testing through and was connected to a 4th cousin and hoped that it would lead her to her birth parents or siblings. A 1st or 2nd cousin match is ideal, but more than often it will be 3rd or 4th and mean a lot more research with back and down tree building to research every single branch that may lead to one she descends from.

A clue to this type of research is connecting the locations at the time of importance, the ages or generation of the person your seeking and properly calculating the probability of the “4th cousin connection using the Mirror tree method.

A mirror tree is a mirror image of your closest DNA connection’s tree. You don’t add yourself to their tree, you just work their tree down to you.  You start with your DNA match and fill in their ancestors.  The mirror tree method for finding shared ancestors only works on

Keep in mind, that mirror tracing can be very time consuming and not to expect an immediate find. Of course if your an exact match or 1st cousin match to someone, it would be an extremely faster search, unless your first cousin match also happens to be adopted! I personally had a case just like that! 1st cousin match has also proven to be a half sibling as well, in my most recent DNA research case.


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