98% Guarantee I can find your Wisconsin born child!


If you are a family member or birth mother searching for a child "born" and relinquished for adoption in Wisconsin

I can guarantee at  a 98% rate

that I can locate that adult child's amended name and current status (if possible).  The simple reason I  can not guarantee at a 100% rate is due to faulty filing, incorrect research information provided (such as wrong birth year). These are extremely rare instances, but not impossible and I have had several cases where the initial birth date or birth place was incorrect,  resulting in no results. The morale of the story is, get the correct facts needed for a successful search.

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If you know a Birth Mother, Father or Sibling that is seeking a Wisconsin born adoptee please share this post with them.

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*Must be 18 to register and adoptee must also be 18

Not quite yet ready to register and would rather chat about your situation first. That is perfectly understandable and I encourage you to contact me and we will do just that.

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