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Are you adopted or the Birth parent of a child who is adoopted? Sign up for a Family Finder Free Registry.

Sometimes making the contious decision to do or start the search for your counter part can be super stressdul. Going back and forth in you mind if you should, the What ifs? and the fear, BUT….what if I asked you, If your counter part was already searching for you, Would you be willing to be…
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Recent 2019 Solved Cases

Fond Du Lac Birth Mother finds adopted son now age 23 Milwaukee Birth Sister finds adopted brother now age 50 Appleton Birth Father finds adopted son now age 44 Waukesha Birth Mother finds adopted daughter now age 46 Grant County Birth Mother finds adopted brother now age 52 Shawano County Birth Father finds adopted son…
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Hey there friends I know it’s been a while since my last post and that was due to being temporarily closed. Well I’m almost back on my feet so I just updated all the links and info on the website. Therefor, if you tried to register in the past unsuccessfully, please try again. This service…
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Vital research steps to finding blood related family members, adoptees or birth parents

STEPS TO FIND YOUR FAMILY SUCCESSFULLY The first step is to start your  family tree. This is where  you will add important information as you go, such as birth dates, death dates, marriages, children born, newspaper clippings and more.  Even if you’re adopted, start a tree with what you know, even if that is just…
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DNA results and NON ID information to SOLVE THE CASE!

DNA PLUS YOUR NON ID INFORMATION IS KEY! I have often said how important it is for an adoptee to obtain their non id information and last weeks “solved case” expresses why! A woman was referred to me about her search case to locate a birth mother. The non id information seemed very vague with…
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Don’t Let time be your enemy.

DON’T LET TIME BE YOUR ENEMY Another Year passing and another beginning and you are still on the fence about searching. How long have you been contemplating searching for your relinquished child who is now an adult, your birth parents or birth siblings? What is holding your back in your decision? Fear of rejection? Fear…
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DON’T BREAK THE BANK ON BIG COMPANY RESEARCHERS TO FIND YOUR FAMILY I will not bad mouth any research companies or tell you what you should do, I just want to enlightened you with what many of my clients shared with me that came to me for help, after working with these such companies. They…
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Do Not Accept being treated wrongly for wanting to find your truth!

It was brought to my attention that a client of mine requested her “non-id” information from the state, which is her legal right. But when speaking to the “professional” representative that is suppose to be there to help her in her quest, instead, voiced her personal opinion on how her decision was going to upset…
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Ancestry DNA helps another adoptee locate his birth mother!

Logging into facebook today, I find yet “another” success story of DNA brings a family separated by adoption, back together! Just one more reason WHY YOU SHOULD SUBMIT YOUR DNA to ancestry if your adopted. DNA DON’T LIE! If you’re looking for true answers…this is one great place to begin. I included the link below…
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