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I know it's been a while since my last post and that was due to being temporarily closed. Well I'm almost back on my feet so I just updated all the links and info on the website. Therefor, if you tried to register in the past unsuccessfully, please try again. This service is one of the few that has been restored.

I am working my way back to helping you so thank you for your patience. If you would like to help me, you can make a donation of your choice at


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Are you a Wisconsin birth mother, Birth sibling or other birth Family member seeking an adoptee? As long as you have at least 3 correct of the 5 basic information details I need, I can find your loved one!

This is a flat-fee-based search due to the fact that Wisconsin is not yet a digitized search indexed state, and all records will have to be manually researched (requires travel), documented and investigated until we find your absolute match.

To initiate your search just simply register on our site and "opt" to pay the down payment to begin search immediately.