Let’s Talk Research & Reunions Live Stream.

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LETS TALK RESEARCH & REUNIONS LIVE RADIO SHOW I am ready to book my first live streaming radio talk show. Lets Talk Research & Reunions. Share your success story live […]


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No more long drawn out forms!! I only need the basics to get started. All the finer details we can personally discuss if you check the “Yes – Char Call […]

Today I learned about an adoptee, who was a Native American massacre infant survivor, named “Lost Bird”

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Daniel Harrison Today while researching yet another adoption case to locate an adoptee whose birth name was Daniel Harrison, when I googled that name, an article talking about “forced adoptions” popped up.  […]

Vital research steps to finding blood related family members, adoptees or birth parents

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STEPS TO FIND YOUR FAMILY SUCCESSFULLY The first step is to start your  family tree. This is where  you will add important information as you go, such as birth dates, […]

Don’t Let time be your enemy.

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DON’T LET TIME BE YOUR ENEMY Another Year passing and another beginning and you are still on the fence about searching. How long have you been contemplating searching for your […]

Ancestry DNA helps another adoptee locate his birth mother!

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Logging into facebook today, I find yet “another” success story of DNA brings a family separated by adoption, back together! Just one more reason WHY YOU SHOULD SUBMIT YOUR DNA […]

Are you looking for a Wisconsin Adoptee? Are you a birth mother, Birth sibling or other birth Family member?

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Are you a Wisconsin birth mother, Birth sibling or other birth Family member seeking an adoptee? As long as you have at least 3 correct of the 5 basic information […]

Solved Reunions

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Here is where you’re reunion photo should be! If you are solved USFF case, please submit a photo for Char to add to this library.