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Family History Research Professional and FREE People Search Registry

Vital research steps to finding blood related family members, adoptees or birth parents

STEPS TO FIND YOUR FAMILY SUCCESSFULLY The first step is to start your  family tree. This is where  you will add important information as you go, such as birth dates, death dates, marriages, children born, newspaper clippings and more.  Even if you’re adopted, start a tree with what you know, even if that is just…
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Ancestry DNA helps another adoptee locate his birth mother!

Logging into facebook today, I find yet “another” success story of DNA brings a family separated by adoption, back together! Just one more reason WHY YOU SHOULD SUBMIT YOUR DNA to ancestry if your adopted. DNA DON’T LIE! If you’re looking for true answers…this is one great place to begin. I included the link below…
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Solved Reunions

Here is where you’re reunion photo should be! If you are solved USFF case, please submit a photo for Char to add to this library.