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Birth Family & Family History Research Professional and FREE People Search Registry

Your Pre-Part to your reunion made possible by Char

You pre-part to your reunion with the person you seek Hey Birth Family’s & Adoptees, If I am currently working own finding a family member for you, or if you are thinking about having me find a family member for you, there are a few things I need you to do before we make contact…
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Me + YOU = TeamWork

Team Work Once you register for FREE, and choose to register your search view-able to the public, your information will be available on the database (currently undergoing maintenance and will be published on Nov 1st) for other people seeking people to view. You never know who might find you! You DO have the option to…
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Do Not Accept being treated wrongly for wanting to find your truth!

It was brought to my attention that a client of mine requested her “non-id” information from the state, which is her legal right. But when speaking to the “professional” representative that is suppose to be there to help her in her quest, instead, voiced her personal opinion on how her decision was going to upset…
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Family Reunion Cook out Deal!!!

Are you planning a family reunion or “new” family member reunion? Heres some great deals from “Chicago Steak Company” to help you out with some awesome angus steaks  or Surf & Turf deals with FREE SHIPPING!!   Get 4 (10oz) Ribeyes with your order PLUS you will receive a $25 Gift Check toward your next qualifying…
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