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Don’t Let time be your enemy.

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Don’t Let time be your enemy.


Another Year passing and another beginning and you are still on the fence about searching.

How long have you been contemplating searching for your relinquished child who is now an adult, your birth parents or birth siblings? What is holding your back in your decision? Fear of rejection? Fear of unraveling their present lives? Afraid you were kept a secret? Afraid you won’t like what you find?

Listen, FEAR is a four letter word that can cause you to procrastinate so long in your search that worse things could possibly happen mean while, putting your chances of a success story at a higher rate for a “solved by sad ending story”. Life is continuing from the moment of decision in whatever your particulars are, people are moving, changing, families are expanding, people are aging and getting sick, and some even dying.

In my experience as a researcher, I have witness several cases that waited too long by even just one day before death took the person they were searching for. For one particular client, leaving his heart heavy and full of regrets that he didn’t choose to look sooner, because his counterpart was equally searching for him and he never knew it; she had passed just the day before he made the call! Unfortunately nothing is powerful enough to turn back time, so don’t let time be your enemy, let it be your friend and place fear outside your heart.

Of course, not every case with be sunshine and roses, but you have to be a strong person and prepare yourself for any outcome, by giving yourself the benefit of the doubt and awarding yourself the pride of being courageous enough to seek and find the answers that have shadowed in the back of your mind your entire life. What ever those answers may be, you will finally have some kind of picture emerging out of those shadows.

Some people live a life a regret that they made the choice to relinquish a child, but paralyzed by fear to find them because of the laws, fear they may be despised by the now adult child or what the adopted parents emotions and actions may be.   And on the other hand, some birth parents had their children removed due to negligence, abuse or because they just decided parenting wasn’t for them.  We cannot change who our parents are or why this choice was made, we were not given a choice of who we would be born to, but as an individual, we do have the choice of how we will be as person, a parent, a friend, and employee AND we have to believe that people can change. We don’t know the whole truth or circumstances that surround the decision that was made or made for them. This is where the bravery to know the truth and the courage to face it comes in.  When you find you have finally reached that point, I am here to help you along your journey the entire way. It’s important to know someones in your corner.

If you notice on my website, the main header picture, also pictured below this post,  is a family that I helped reunite. The siblings met just in time before one of them passed with stage 4 cancer.  I can not express enough that time doesn’t have to be your enemy.  And your choice to search for your truth is yours alone, is your decision and no other person in the entire world has the right to deter you from it or criticize you. Sometimes YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW to find your own peace.