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Birth Family / People Search Services

  • Average Donation $100 to start search

Are you looking for a specific someone and hit a dead-end? I have several research resources that are not accessible to the general public and can use these resources to search for your someone.

Although nobody can ever realistically give you a “guarantee” that they can find  your person, unless it’s my  Wisconsin Adoptee Finder guarantee, but for all other states, I can give you a “guarantee” that I will certainly exhaust all my options before I ever give up!

I am not a licensed “private detective” and don’t want to give you that impression, but I am a seasoned 20+ years experienced researcher that has a reputable and positive research outcome history.  I pride myself on going above and beyond to help you. When in doubt-Check me out!

Please visit me on Facebook and feel free to ask my many friends about me, about my research and reunion skills and more importantly how I will never sugar coat anything, I will not be unfair or dishonest with you and I will always keep you up to date on the search progress.

**Be wise when choosing a “search agent” to conduct  search. There are many out there that claim they are more than what they actually are and there are the companies that expect you to “break the bank”.



Wisconsin Adoptee Finder Services

$250 – $500 MAX. Flat fee with NO UP SELLING!

See Payment requirements and my Guaranteed find or money back policies below.

Payments Requirements:

  1. Pay half down to start your search to include a personal letter to your adoptee from you.
  2. Pay the remaining balance ONLY after search is complete and your adoptee is found, identified and located.
  3. Once balance is paid, your adoptees’ complete identification file will be given to you. See below link for Guarantee policy.

*Guarantee Find or $ back :

Purple counties $250, Tan counties $300, Blue counties $350 Pink counties $425 and Green counties $500.

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Build Your Family Tree / DNA mirror tree Services

                                                                    DNA mirror trees is a GREAT OPTION if  your are seeking birth family members.

Whether your adopted or not, the first step in every search case is getting the history timeline in place, building your family tree and documenting events. This is your reference point where you will add more and more factual information to your “story”.

Genealogy research is rich with historical facts that will aid in digging up your roots and will also be helpful with other family members in your bloodline. I strongly recommend for this task.

Once you upload your genealogical information, you will immediately connect to thousands of other people around the globe that somehow connect to your tree and may have answers you are seeking. They are also my first choice in DNA testing , family history research and reconnecting long lost family members.



I will build your family tree up to 4 generation back , starting with you and back to your 2x great grandparents. I will also give you FREE ACCESS to it as an EDITOR on my ancestry account, so no need to open an account if you don’t want to.

If you are in fact adopted, I strongly suggest to order the DNA test they offer and connect it to your tree.  Mirror matching can then be done to your closest DNA matches to search for biological family members.

Did you obtain your NON ID information? This information can make magic happen when collaborated with your DNA results. Read about how DNA & NON ID can help solve your case.

If you are adopted and seeking birth family, this is a great option to mirror trace your closest matched tree to identify birth family members.


 Each additional DNA Matched trees building (if you want me to trace more than one DNA matched tree for better all around coverage in the event you are seeking both birth parents)


DNA results Mirror matching

A mirror tree is a mirror image of your closest DNA connection’s tree. You don’t add yourself to their tree, you just work their tree down to your possible birth parent. After the process of eliminating those that are not possible, it leaves those that are, and then the real detective work comes into play.  You start with your DNA match and fill in their ancestors.  The mirror tree method for finding shared ancestors works best on

My client Joyce Wild did DNA testing through and was connected to a 3rd cousin and hoped that it would lead her to her birth parents or siblings.  After mirror tracing her DNA match to that 3rd cousin, I was able to identify her biological mother and siblings!  A 1st or 2nd cousin match is ideal, but more than often it will be 3rd or 4th and mean a lot more research  with back and down tree building to research every single branch that may lead to the family you are seeking. Patience is a virtue for these cases. Sometimes it can take a very long time depending on how many children were born to the great great’s and then their children, and so on. Of course,  if you’re an exact match or 1st cousin match to someone, it would be an extremely faster search, unless your first cousin match also happens to be adopted! I personally had a case just like that! 1st cousin match also proven to be a half sibling as well, in many of my recent DNA research cases.

A clue to this type of research is connecting the locations at the time of importance, the ages or generation of the person you’re seeking and properly calculating the probability of the “DNA cousin connection” using the Mirror tree method.




  • Only available for current Build Your Family Tree customers



Writing your Family History.

Put all that research into a personalized family history albums to include items such as pictures, newspaper articles, census, marriage, birth and death records. In addition, extra pages and recording space included for future family members.
Reminisce over the pictures and tell the kids and grand kids stories about their ancestors. History is important, it leads to who you were and what kind of person you became. Your DNA is written in the history of your ancestors, in the history of this book!

Your first 2 copies are included
(hard or soft cover) with the option to order more.


Personalized Family History Book on DVD

  • Only available for current Build Your Family Tree customers

$ 75.00

Now you can choose to also have your already researched Personalized Family History stored on a DVD in story mode. Just pop it in and watch history unfold right before your eyes. Pause anytime during the movie to reminisce and have family discussions about those past times and important moments that come to mind that are related to what you see on the screen. This is a MUST HAVE FAMILY HEIRLOOM. The day of technology is upon us so we offer this DVD option as an alternative or addition to The Personalized Family History Book.

1 DVD with option to order more.


  • Only available for current Build Your Family Tree customer


Are you looking for a Gift Set package deal this holiday season. Well here you go.  Save yourself 25% and  order book and DVD package today!   You still get 2 copies of the book and 1 DVD per package deal, but $40 cheaper.



If you are not an existing customer, it’s not too late to become one! A 4 generation search typically takes about 2-3 weeks to complete. Once that is finished, a proof of the book will be required by you before it goes to print.  IF you hire me no later than Dec 1st, you’re gift set can be ready by Christmas!!