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Hello There!  If you're on this page, you must be considering hiring me for one of my offered paid services. Let me start off by saying that I have been a volunteer "Search Angel" for most of my time as a researcher, since 1996 to be exact. I have literally solved thousands of cases for free, but that began to get a bit expensive in the past few years,  so I had to stop offering many of my services for free.

How did you get here?  Maybe you were referred to me by a past client,  read an online or publication article on one of my success stories  or maybe just simply word of mouth.  Whatever reason brought you  hear, I am sure glad it did!  Because I want to help you and I don't like to fail! SO LET'S FIND YOUR FAMILY!

I am not an "up-sale" person with hidden fees, so rest assured that finding your family member is just as important to me and its never about the money.

I encourage you to visit my  Facebook page  USFF Facebook and inquire about me, my success rate and my services rendered. Also visit my Portfolio page to read about some nationwide known success stories. You will find I'm not only a fair person but a dedicated person. I don't like to be unsuccessful!

You can read more about my "Services" here.

Now that you have read the update on my fees and donation requirements, are you ready to move forward and hire me to find your loved one?

Good luck in your journey, whatever you decide,



Still unsure of your decision. Have questions for me? Contact me using the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.