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Hello There!  If you’re on this page, you must be considering hiring me for one of my offered services. Let me start off by saying that I have been a volunteer “Search Angel” for most of my time as a researcher, since 1996 to be exact. I have solved literally hundreds of cases, but that began to get a bit expensive for me in the past few years,  so I had to stop doing the research part of it for free. If you are on this page other than because you want to contract an agreement with me, then I’m sure you were either referred to me by a past client, an article you read or just word of mouth about the “free researcher” that solved so and so’s case.

Believe me, I am very proud of all those special moments and for of all the families I have helped, but life happens, tables turn and now I’m the one that needs the help to continue doing what I do best.  I am now forced to charge a small one time fee for all Wisconsin Adoptee Finder, mainly because of travel, time and extensive research costs, as most of the required information to solve the case is not yet “internet accessible”.  All other services now require a donation. The average donations have been anywhere from $100 – $500 to give you an idea, but this is not set in stone. There is no set amount on the donation, it is what you can afford or what your results are worth to you; I just appreciate being appreciated for the hard work I put into each case.  Most of my clients dedicate to a two part donation by making a first time small donation to retain my services, and then later making a second to conclude their appreciation. I am always very willing to work with you, so let’s talk about your situation before you decide against my help because there is now $ involved.  My advice and this registry is always FREE.

That’s it – That’s all!  I am not an “up-sale” person with hidden fees. I’m only asking for a fair price to cover my time and expenses.  I encourage you to visit my personal Facebook page  or my USFF facebook page and inquire about me, my success rate and my services rendered. Also visit my Portfolio page to read about some nationwide known success stories. You will find I’m not only a fair person but a dedicated person. I don’t like to be unsuccessful!

You can read more about my “Services” here.

Good luck in your journey, whatever you decide,




Now that you have read the update on my fees and donation requirements, are you ready to move forward and hire me to find your loved one? If so, please register your search case, and check YES -this is a Wisconsin adoptee search. I will contact you a.s.a.p. to discuss your case details and the next steps that need to be taken.


I have registered my search, I understand the new fee and donation requirements, I have either received my “quote” and/or have a donation that I would like to make my payment towards, for Char’s services.


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