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INTRODUCING WISCONSIN ADOPTEES AND BIRTH FAMILY CITY SEARCH TOURS – A COST EFFICIENT WAY TO FIND YOUR FAMILY MEMBER. and are teaming up in an attempt to help Wisconsin Adoptees &  Birth Family members REUNITE with those they are actively searching.

What is the City Research Tours and how is it cost efficient to find my family member?

The city tours are scheduled tours to certain cities in Wisconsin, where people are registered at or and are actively searching for a family member.  We base the tours on the amount of registrants per city, or which cities are in most demand per registrants. This type of search is specifically for Birth Family members trying to locate an adult adoptee or other family member, that was born in Wisconsin and that you have an exact factual birth date for.

The tours are scheduled from 2 – 4 days to complete cases. There are 10 available spots to research and each spot cost a one time fee of $100 .  There is a required minimum of 5 reservations per tour to ensure this low price and research scheduled visit. If there are not at least 5 spots reserved, the city tour will be postponed, until at least 5 spots are filled and rescheduled  at that point.

This is a “Shared Search Expense” operation,  creating a cost efficient way to help those that can’t afford big research companies, our regular membership search fees or even our discounted fees.

How often are the city Tours scheduled and how do I know when my city tour is coming up?

The city tours are a brand new service option that go into effect as early as the first week in May 2018, which is the Green Bay, WI research Tour.  Upcoming City Tours will be published in advance and posted as soon as they are scheduled on and emailed directly to registrants of that city, who may want to take advantage of this offer.  How often we schedule that same city tour visits depends directly on the registration demand for that particular location.


What kind of information is needed for this “Guaranteed Find”?

Once you register your search case with either or, your case will be previewed and if we can guarantee a find based on the information provided, it will be approved and you will be notified.  However, your reserved spot is only guaranteed after your payment is posted. Keep in mind there are only 10 search spots available per tour.

The 3 vital facts we need for this guarantee is the gender of the person your searching, an EXACT factual birth date, and EXACT factual Wisconsin birth location. For approval, we will need some kind of documented proof supporting your knowledge of these facts.  We would just take your word for it, but more than often information is often misinterpreted from one person to another, facts are mixed up over years and mistakes happen.  Click here for more information on the Guaranteed Find or your money back.

How do I sign up or reserve my spot in a Wisconsin City Research Tour?

For each scheduled tour,  there will be a public announcement post with a reservation link that will take you to the reserve form. You can opt to reserve one of the 10 available spots for the current city tour, or reserve a spot in advance for an upcoming tour.  This is a first pay first to reserve situation.  Even if you request a spot for an upcoming tour, it is not a guaranteed reserved until is it paid for.


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