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Here is  look at a select few of many long lost family reunion stories. Tess reached out to Facebook seeking help to find her sister and never expected what would happen next!

  • Tess find her long lost baby sister 40 years later on Facebook!
  • Cliff was separated from his sisters as a small boy and was reunited just weeks before his sister passed of stage 4 cancer!
  • Kathy was caught by a surprise phone call from Char asking is she relinquished a daughter for adoption, and that  she had found her daughters file while searching for a different case!
  • Pastor finds his father 38 years later after his dad left the house to pick something up and never returned.  Char found his mugshot in an arrest record, and found that he was living in Florida.

Sisters reunited

Read Tess’s story below covered by Good Housekeeping Magazine and find out how Char from usfamilyfinders helped find her long lost family member.


I Found My Baby Sister on Facebook — 40 Years After Tragedy Tore Us Apart -Lost Family Story

Article Excerpt:

Her journey began last spring with a plea on Facebook: Help me find my sister. The post set into motion a wild and at times traumatic endeavor involving friends, neighbors, kooks, and a woman who called herself a “search angel.” At first, Ferguson thought the “angel” might be a nut. “I heard from a lot of crackpots,” she says. “You don’t  know who to trust.” But as it turned out, this extraordinary woman, Char Summers, held the key to solving the family puzzle.

Brother finds sisters

Cliff found his sisters shortly before one of them was taken by stage 4 cancer. This is why I chose their picture for my website with the quote “Tomorrow is too far away”.  Though Cliff is forever grateful that I could help him, I still will be forever heartbroken that they just didn’t have enough time together. ~Char

A freak find, while scanning other registries, I found a family familiar name and decide to look deeper.  Birth mother forgot she posted she was searching many years ago and I happen to find it. I locate the birth record for the daughter then contact birth mom to see if she still would like to find her…she is STUNNED by the call and the rest is family history!

The Wisconsin company found a 2010 mug shot of Bobby Squires, a homeless man arrested in Tampa, Florida.