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Are you a birth mother, birth father, birth sibling and you have been searching for  your loved one that was relinquished for adoption years ago? Now I offer a travel, seek and find service for those of you that want to find that person.  They are now adults and now have the right to know who their birth family is if they choose.

I guarantee I can find them, as long as the birth date and birth city you provide are accurate.  I cannot guarantee a find on a guess, so be sure before you choose to get your FREE QUOTE for this service. And please DO NOT THINK I am going to charge you some outrageous big search company prices, because I’m not. I charge a low and fair price to cover all expenses of the search, and if for some very rare reason that I cannot find your loved one, I will refund 100% of your money.  I’m not in this to get rich, I do it because I’m AWESOME at it and I’m your best shot to find a Wisconsin born adoptee!

This is the ONLY service I actually charge for because it involves extensive measures, often hundreds of miles in travel, several background check and location resources and tons of intense research time to get to the final answer-and I will get the answer.

If you happen to be a Wisconsin birth family member seeking a Wisconsin born adoptee, that is now an adult AND you are registered with, these applicants receive a “SPECIAL RATE”, and it is absolutely the lowest rate possible. So if your not registered there already, do it first because I’ll need your registration #!  This is one of the largest registries on the internet that has received tons of nationwide acknowledgement and the owner JoAnne Stanik, is a wonderful person with great advice for those searching,  such as is highlighted in this article on how to be “careful when posting your information about your loved one”.   

Please be prepared if your counter-part is not ready to be reunited. This I cannot guarantee, and  I just ask that you respect their wishes.


Char Summers

Research & Reunion Specialist