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Me + YOU = TeamWork

Birth Family & Family History Research Professional and FREE People Search Registry

Me + YOU = TeamWork

Team Work

Once you register for FREE, and choose to register your search view-able to the public database, your information will be available on the  for other people seeking people to view. You never know who might find you! You DO have the option to keep it private and if I see a match, I will notify you at once.

However, if you decide to have me as your personal Research & Reunion specialist, we immediately become a team- because now I work for you and your case starts at that very moment.  Money should never be an issue that will prevent you from finding who you are seeking, so no worries,I am fair and easy to work with both financially and emotionally. I will send you my quote and at that point we can discuss options that will work for you.  We will develop a close knit business relationship and find your answers together!



If you are an adoptee, you must obtain your non-id adoption information. This is a key step and an essential first step before I can help you. If you need help or guidance on how and where to obtain those, call the register of deeds department in the county/state you were born in or the adoption agency that handled your adoption.


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