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Do Not Accept being treated wrongly for wanting to find your truth!

It was brought to my attention that a client of mine requested her “non-id” information from the state, which is her legal right. But when speaking to the “professional” representative that is suppose to be there to help her in her quest, instead, voiced her personal opinion on how her decision was going to upset…
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Ancestry DNA helps another adoptee locate his birth mother!

Logging into facebook today, I find yet “another” success story of DNA brings a family separated by adoption, back together! Just one more reason WHY YOU SHOULD SUBMIT YOUR DNA to ancestry if your adopted. DNA DON’T LIE! If you’re looking for true answers…this is one great place to begin. I included the link below…
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Solved Reunions

Here is where you’re reunion photo should be! If you are solved USFF case, please submit a photo for Char to add to this library.