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We have recently udated this database, The current listings have to be converted over to the new format. some of them are no longer valid.  As more entries are submitteed, this page will be updated. regularly. please check back.

Adoptees Birth DateBirth CityBirth State
yyyy-mm-dd Wauwatosa Wisconsin
yyyy-mm-dd n/a n/a
yyyy-mm-dd Москва Россия
yyyy-mm-dd Kwajalein Marshall Islands
yyyy-mm-dd PZeRlgmoHcqptz gUbdTrPJYoti
yyyy-mm-dd Kaohsiung Municipality Taiwan
yyyy-mm-dd Kakamega Kenya
Unknown Unknown Unknown
unknown unknown unknown
n/a n/a West Virginia
n/a n/a n/a
n/a Chicago Illinois
July 26/27 1983 Nashville Tennessee
8/20/1994 Ocala Florida
70's Chicago Il
2/2/1921 dayton ohio
1994-06-08 Ionia Michigan
1994-04-14 Madison Wisconsin
1986-01-21 Mount Vernon New York