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First NameRegistrants StatusSearching forName of Specific PersonBirth DateBirth CityBirth StateBirth Given Name
Alexandr Birth Father Birth Father 1944-08-06 xxx xxx
Lisa Female Adoptee Birth Mother 1961-03-06 n/a Wisconsin or Washington DC
Char Search Angel Adopted Sibling 1961-07-19 Wauwatosa Wisconsin
Amy Birth Family Member Birth Family Member 1975 Sept Elkhorn Wisconsin
Rhonda Adoptee Birth Mother 1964-07-31 Milwaukee Wisconsin
Patrick Birth Father Female Adoptee 1969-10-09 Green Bay Wisconsin
J Adoptee Birth Mother 1963-08-17 Ashland Wisconsin
Sandra Adoptee Birth Mother yyyy-mm-dd Wauwatosa Wisconsin
Private Friend of Female Adoptee Birth Mother 1979-01-21 RACINE WISCONSIN
Sandra Female Adoptee Birth Mother 1963-01-01 Madison Wisconsin
Amber Female Adoptee Birth Mother 1981-04-28 Neenah Wisconsin
Angela Female Adoptee Birth Mother 1981-05-15 Racine Wisconsin
Private Female Adoptee Birth Mother 1967-Nov Milwaukee Wisconsin
Anna Birth Sibling (Not Adopted) Birth Sibling (also adopted) 1970 or 1971 First Week in May Wauwatosa Wisconsin
Tracy Female Adoptee Birth Mother 1970-12-08 Burlington (Racine) Wisconsin
Marilyn Birth Mother Female Adoptee 1973-08-28 Madison Wisconsin
Shana Family member Female Adoptee 1982-01-26 Milwaukee Wisconsin
Cheryl Birth Mother Female Adoptee 1981-1983 April - March Kenosha Wisconsin
Phyllis Friend of Birth Parents Female Adoptee 1947-01-28 LaCrosse Wisconsin
Rick Birth Father Male Adoptee 1994-04-14 Madison Wisconsin
Lorraine Birth Mother Male Adoptee 1966-01-15 Beloit Wisconsin
Donald Male Adoptee Birth Father 1943-09-22 Waukesha Wisconsin May be Gerber, Wiggens (or similar sounding)
Tracy Birth Family Member Male Adoptee 1968-02-05 Chippewa Falls Wisconsin Joseph David Loomis
Shelly Female Adoptee Birth Mother n/a n/a West Virginia
Michael Male Adoptee Birth Family Members 1965-05-18 DC Washington DC




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