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This service is supported by your donations.

Duration varies • $75.00

GREAT OPTION ADOPTEES SEEKING BIRTH FAMILY!   -I will build your family tree up to 4 generation back based on your top 4 closes matches( Paternal and/or Maternal). I will also give you FREE ACCESS to the trees Im tracing,  as a guest on my ancestry account.

If you are in fact adopted, did you also obtain your NON ID information? This information can make magic happen when collaborated with your DNA results. Read about how DNA & NON ID can help solve your case.

DNA results in Mirror matching

A mirror tree is a mirror image of your closest DNA connection’s tree. You don’t add yourself to their tree, you just work their tree down to your possible birth parent. After the process of eliminating those that are not possible, it leaves those that are, and then the real detective work comes into play.  You start with your DNA match and fill in their ancestors.  The mirror tree method for finding shared ancestors works best on

My client Joyce Wild did DNA testing through and was connected to a 3rd cousin and hoped that it would lead her to her birth parents or siblings.  After mirror tracing her DNA match to that 3rd cousin, I was able to identify her biological mother and siblings!  A 1st or 2nd cousin match is ideal, but more than often it can be 3rd or 4th and mean a lot more research  with back and down tree building to research every single branch that may lead to the family you are seeking.

Patience is a virtue for these cases. Sometimes it can take a very long time depending on how many children were born to the great great’s and then their children, and so on. Of course,  if you’re an exact match, close family match or 1st cousin match to someone, it would be an extremely faster search, unless your first cousin match also happens to be adopted! I personally had a case just like that! 1st cousin matches  can also  prove to be a half sibling as well, so the centimorgan count is crucial, so educate yourself of cm numbers.

A clue to this type of research is connecting the locations at the time of importance, the ages or generation of the person you’re seeking and properly calculating the probability of the “DNA cousin connection” using the Mirror tree method.

Duration varies • Average donation $100

This service is supported by your donations. **If you are searching for a WISCONSIN BORN adult adoptee, please see county search service prices listed below.

Although nobody can ever realistically give you a “guarantee” that they can find  your person, unless it’s my  Wisconsin Adoptee Finder guarantee, but for all other states, I can give you a “guarantee” that I will certainly exhaust all my options before I ever give up!

Wisconsin Adoptee Finder Services

$250 – $500 MAX. Flat fee with NO UP SELLING!

See Payment requirements and my Guaranteed find or money back policies below.

Payments Requirements:

  1. Pay half down to start your search to include a personal letter (to include your contact info) to your adoptee from you, that I will deliver upon locating and to inquire about possible contact.
  2. Pay the remaining balance ONLY after search is complete and your adoptee is found, identified, located and provides permission to release their identity to you. In the event, they are not ready to make this step, this is why it is important to include your contact information in the letter I asked  you to prepare. They often change their mind and will reach out when they feel they are ready.

Purple counties $250, Tan counties $300, Blue counties $350 Pink counties $425 and Green counties $500.