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Searching for a Wisconsin Adoptee?


Read Guarantee Clarification



If you are a family member or birth parent searching for a child “born” in Wisconsin and relinquished for adoption…

I can guarantee 

that I can locate that adult child’s amended name , provided the birth date and birth place is accurate.   If for some reason I cannot locate the adoptee’s birth record,  could be a result of faulty administrative filing or incorrect research information provided (such as wrong birth year). These are extremely rare instances, but not impossible.   I will notify you immediately and see if we can’t resolve any misinterpreted information, which more than often is an incorrect birth date or birth county. 

Be sure you have the correct information. If you are unsure of the exact day or year, this may still be solvable. Just include your details when requesting your FREE QUOTE.

*Typical turn around time for a Wisconsin search of this type is only 

1-2 weeks at most!  If for some reason, it takes longer, you will be notified as to why and when to expect results.

Special Advisory Milwaukee & Madison counties are the hardest counties in Wisconsin to search due to its size, the genealogy rules & regulations, appointment availability (strict Milwaukee & Madison requirement) and current US Family Finders Milwaukee case load.   These cases can take up to as long as 3 months to include 1 – 3 visits (no added fees for multiple visits per case) to complete, so your patience is also a requirement.



(This is the only service I am forced to charge for, all  other services accept donations)

This Service does require a ONE-TIME flat fee defined by county location from Home Base (Kenosha, WI).

I do not have any hidden fees or up-selling. I require a small one time fee to cover the expense of the search to include round trip travel, over night stay if needed, research time invested, parking fees, document viewing and recording fees, validation of current life status and location if can be found.

Financing is available if needed. Once the initial payment is made, your research date will be scheduled and we can set up arrangements on the balance. You will still get your results as soon as i have them on your “promise” to pay.


No Quote Needed – I only want my information available in the event someone is searching for me > Register FREE


Wisconsin Adoptee seeking Birth Family

 (The above information above does not apply to you)

This is completely a different kind of search rather than the one explained above, because you and your “new identity” is what the state is protecting. In order to help you, it is absolutely essential that you file with the state and request your “Non-Identifying” information. You can obtain the form you need at the link provided:        Wisconsin Adoption Records Search Program

Once you have paid the state to compile this package for you (Usually cost $40 – 75 depending on how much was documented during your adoption procedure) and you receive it, I will need copies of all the paperwork they gave you.

If there is little to no information available in your non id info, which is really not very common, then the very next suggestion is Family Finder DNA test and/or a Y-DNA if you are a male seeking a your birth father. Once this is completed, I can review your results and we can work together from there. This is a Donation service and you can donate any time here. Please return to the Register FREE page to enter your information.



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